Danny Callaghan

Web Developer with over twenty years experience working on the technical and creative design, development and deployment of web sites and web applications.

About me

I am a UK based developer that has been working on the web platform since March 2000 - the same month that the dot-com bubble burst (pure coincidence). Starting my career as a Junior Front-end Developer at a small web design agency in West London, I soon moved to the bright lights of Farringdon, joining Freeserve: at that time, the UK's biggest web portal. I have since been lucky enough to work for the BBC, The Guardian, Channel 4, Sky, Vodafone, and Orange, amongst others.

Primarily a Front-end Developer, with an eye for design (despite what you might think of this site), I have also held Back-end roles, and those that may be accused of being Full Stack. Like many in our industry, expecially those who - like me - are self taught, I have often succumbed to imposter syndrome. To combat this, I began a BSc in Computer Science at the University of London in 2019. Completed in March 2023, I was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in July of the same year.

Work / Projects

Whilst not an exhaustive list (and it changes often) below are some examples of previous work that I might consider important, or perhaps that I simply enjoyed doing. Ideally both.

Each project details my role, and the stack that I used (if I didn't touch the back-end, for example, the back-end tech is not listed). Most code repositories are available below, or on request.

Deep Learning

Training ML models to identify images, with Python and TensorFlow.



A mixologist website, using a public API to show cocktail recipes.


Danny Callaghan

NFT trading platform for users alergic to mushrooms. Only kidding, it's this site.

TailwindJavaScriptUI/UX DesignAstroFront-endSPA

A "League of Nations on the Pitch"

An analysis of overseas players in the English Premier League and their effect, using Python.



A small, retro arcade space game, written in JavaScript.



A to-do list for your TV, written in React Native.

Full StackFirebaseUI/UX DesignReact NativeSPA


allotr is free task list application that allows infinite collaborators.

TailwindUI/UX DesignPostgrestRPCTypeScriptPrismaNext.jsFull StackSPANextAuth

Women's Night Safety Charter

Website built for the Mayor of London office as part of their commitment to tackle violence against women.



Governance and compliance web application used by clients ranging from local councils to football clubs.

MUIRWDReactFront-endSPATypeScriptUI/UX DesignGraphQL

Instagram Like Filters

Generating Instagram like filters for photographs, using JavaScript.


Explorer Bob

It's Explorer Bob! A small, retro arcade platform game, written in JavaScript. Find Bob's boxer shorts!


3D Visualisation

Three dimensional visualisation using JavaScript. Warning, can cause motion sickness!



The DJ2000 - a desktop DJ application written in C++.

C++JUCEUI/UX DesignDeveloper

Data Visualisations

A selection of data visualisations using JavaScript.

JavaScriptUI/UX DesignFront-end

Average Face Generation

A JavaScript experiment, generating an 'average face', pixel by pixel, from a selection of AI generated headshots.


Webcam Motion Piano

A JavaScript experiment, using a webcam and motion detection to play an on-screen piano. Webcam and sound required!


Organic Motion

A JavaScript experiment, using motion and colour to create an organic feel using random number generation.


Safer Places For Women and Girls Charter Toolkit

Part of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire's Violence Reduction Alliance, specifically targetting violence against women and girls.


KNN Algorithm

Implementing the k-nearest neightbour algorithm with Python.



I have always enjoyed mentoring junior developers, and for the last few years have tutored students via Superprof. I teach web development skills, particularly JavaScript and React, via webcam from my home office.

Selected reviews

Danny is an excellent tutor. He is warm and friendly, and knows so much in his area. He's been very helpful in my coding journey especially with navigating the wealth of information online. I would recommend him to anyone.


Danny is a fantastic tutor, and I enjoy our sessions greatly. He has gone above and beyond to help me gain essential knowledge. I was delighted when he took time outside of our lesson, to look at some code and discuss it and the implications of it.


Danny is a great and patient tutor. I wanted someone who would be able to explore key problem areas (nodeJS/APIs) to dig down, explain from a different perspective and show me how to research and debug issues. 10/10 for patience, approach, preparedness, communication and clarity.


Danny's vast experience and knowledge shows. He is exceptional at breaking down complex concepts that I had been struggling with, is very patient and easy to speak with. After just a handful of sessions, I have a significantly better grasp of React, a renewed confidence that a change in career is possible.



I'd love you to get in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn, or feel free to send me an email at dannycallaghan at Google's email service.